Five Top Ways of Networking during a Heatwave (Swedish style)

1 July 2015

Rebecca Martin

There is no reason to give up on good networking opportunities just because the weather gets hotter. Plenty can be achieved both within your own organisation and beyond if you only know how to play it to your advantage... 

1. Hang around the Water Cooler

Anybody who knows anything about office culture knows the cliché regarding water cooler chat. And this time you can really make it work for you. Anxious employers have been told to urge you to drink as much (water) as possible and hence EVERYONE will be queuing up to get their hands on some of the cold stuff. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and make some more in-house connections. And for goodness sake DRINK. But only water, mind. A pitcher of Pimms on your desk before 5pm will be frowned upon. Or might make you more popular than ever. Either, really.

2. Hog the AC

Oh, the cool comforts of a cold(ish) breeze against your face when the office is sweltering. If you have located the AC in your office, pull up a chair and stay under there, claiming you are homesick and the chill reminds you of the Swedish archipelago. You will be amazed how many people will want to chat to you. At length. Several times during the day.

3. Park Life

Why not bring your colleagues to the nearest park and have your next meeting al fresco or take the opportunity for some team building. Find a shaded spot and chat about why your company is awesome and how they don’t have this kind of weather in Stockholm. Then play some Kubb. #likeaswede

4. The big Fridge clean

Initiate a thorough clean of the office fridge, getting rid of the Meatballs and Sill from the office Midsummer do to make room for the bounty of the Crayfish season. Not only will you and your team stay cool while you carry out the task, this is team building of the best quality. Make it inter-departmental and forge connections over the wilting lettuce and smelly cheese. The bonus is that you will be immensely popular among the management group and having initiated the action you are now free to project manage it (I.e. stand around holding open the bin and enjoy the breeze from the fridge door).

5. Introduce Your Colleagues to the Public Transport Challenge

At no other time will you get to know your fellow travellers on the tube as well as during a heatwave. After you have sweated (or potentially fainted) on each other you have the potential to be friends for life. Anyone who doesn’t come back to the office with at least five new business cards/leads/sign-ups for the SCC Crayfish party doesn’t get to join in the next fridge clean. 

 Photo Credit: Rob Fahey/Flickr

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