Dappad – How to look Dapper without leaving your Pad

5 November 2015

Paulina Lundin

For a long time there was a gap between what the modern man wants and what was offered to him when it comes to shopping. Dappad, one of the Chamber’s most recent new Members, identified this gap in the market and filled it, offering a unique service where stylists tailor a unique box of fashionable clothing based on customer preferences, delivering it straight to their door, and thus making shopping simple for the style conscious but time-limited gentleman.

"Eight out of ten men say they hate shopping, so I find it quite strange that the shopping processes have remained the same for women and men up until now, “ Erica Nilsson-Humphrey, CEO of Dappad tells The SCC.

Dappad was launched in September 2015. The service is offering a box of clothes based on the customer’s personal style with the vision to “make modern men feel confident with less effort’’. The concept was founded by three women sharing a passion for style, aiming to help men look and feel their best, without having to set foot in a store.

‘’At Dappad we believe that time is our most precious possession today and that we should spend it wisely’’ says Erica Nilsson-Humphrey, CEO of Dappad.

‘’We also believe that what you are wearing matters, after all style is your way of saying to the world who you are, without having to speak a word’’.

The idea for Dappad was born when Nilsson-Humphrey realised the need for this kind of service, while she was working as an investment banker.

"Working in finance with people who are very busy, I know that lifestyle very well and so does my husband. You start to realise what a great need there is for something like this," says Nilsson-Humphrey.

"People are incredibly busy today, but at the same time they want to look good and have to look good at work."

To solve this problem and joining forces with Tine Green and Ewa Andriesz, Nilsson-Humphrey came up with Dappad. Green is the Creative Manager, with years of fashion expertise having worked for a number of Scandinavian brands, while Ewa Andriesz is the head stylist. Andriezs is a style-and-personal-shopping veteran with years of making both men and women look good behind her.

The name Dappad actually comes from the words “Dapper” and “Pad”. A Dappad man is dapper and he doesn’t have to leave his pad to get new and stylish clothes. The concept is simple and understandable and more so, Dappad is a free service. The unique process starts with getting to know the customer’s style and collecting data about them, such as favourite brands, measurements, sizes and contact details. Afterwards the customer is matched up with the stylist who will immediately get in touch to get to know him better before sending out the first box of clothing.

‘’The customer then has ten days to decide what they wish to keep and what they wish to send back’’, says Nilsson-Humphrey. “We arrange a free pick up for any returns from the location of the customer’s choice’'. 

Working with names such as Tiger of Sweden, AG Jeans, Orlebar Brown, Cheaney Shoes, Eton Shirts and J Lindeberg, Dappad aims to offer unique and up-to-date brands with prices equal to the recommended retail prices. But with the work of a professional stylist thrown in free of charge.

When we ask Nilsson-Humphrey about the future, she is optimistic. This is a proven concept in the US, so there is no reason why is should not be as successful in Europe.

‘’We plan to open up a series of pop-up stores in the city’s major banks over the next few months, which is one of our first priorities in terms of our marketing strategy," explains Nilsson.

‘’In the future I also see us expanding our service to Sweden as well as to the ladies clothing industry.’’

Visit www.dappad.com for more information.


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