Coding The Future: NOX Academy

27 February 2017

Emilia Swiecicka

As technological developments advance, the need for adequate education to match rises. As school curriculums struggle to keep up with new demands and a changing world, NOX Academy takes the lead in preparing the new generation for a future immersed in technology.

This Easter, in partnership with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, NOX launches the NOX Academy in London’s Covent Garden and invites children between the ages of 11 and 15 to participate in a three day long programming course.

"Today, children don’t really learn programming at school until much later. We believe that this should change, but until those changes are made, we can provide such courses for them," says Nick Sewell, Managing Director of NOX UK

"It's a real life experience of programming. When they go home, they understand what programming is and they’ve actually done some themselves and are able to carry on with it."

Since Nox launched these courses in Sweden in 2015, they have proven to be incredibly popular, with over 700 children having already completed the programming course. The success of this Swedish initiative shows that the interest for technology among the younger generation exists.

"It’s been a runaway success," Sewell tells The LINK. 


During the course, the children will be able to see the whole process involved in creating a website, and even create one for themselves. After finishing the course, they can continue working on the website at home and even go live if they like.  During the course, the children will also learn to build a robot and make it come alive.   

But where did the initiative come from? It actually all began with a customer of NOX Consulting, inquiring after summer camps children. Why weren't there any programming camps in Sweden? Ideas started flowing with thoughts regarding technology summer camps for customers' and employees' children. The first camp was initially advertised internally at the customer, however it already had success written all over it. With demand as high as it soon became, NOX knew they were on to something.

"This year we are set to expand and run even more camps"  says Sewell. "The response has been fantastic."

The success of the NOX Academy courses combines inspiring children to explore a possible future in tech and a focus on making sure they have fun while doing it.

"It can actually help them decide whether they want to get into technology longer term," Sewell tells The LINK.



This is NOX Academy
NOX Consulting is addressing the need for more programmers through NOX Academy, organising courses aiming at the younger generation. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is partnering with NOX to make it possible to prepare and equip the younger generation with tech skills to meet future demands in a three day course over Easter.  NOX utilises an MIT technique called Scratch,  used to teach the children how to create and develop a game. The course will also focus on the programming language HTML.  


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