Behind the Wheel with Singer Mapei and Volvo Trucks

20 July 2015

Paulina Lundin

If you could go anywhere, do anything, ignore gravity, defy all laws of nature, what would you do?

Swedish-American recording artist Mapei recently got the chance to do just that. Together with SCC Member Company Volvo Trucks, she took off on a nine day truck journey spanning six European countries. The road trip was filmed and featured on the Volvo Truck YouTube Channel as the nine episode series “Reality Road”.

“I feel fortunate to get to do this. Not everyone gets to do this,“ says Mapei before setting off in the first episode.

Mapei was chosen because of her strengths as an artist and her great personality, which the company were convinced would be a great fit with the series, according to Ida Mattsson, Public Relations Manager at Volvo Trucks in Gothenburg.

Born in New York but raised in Stockholm, Mapei’s big break came in 2014, when her single “Don’t Wait” became an instant hit. In June this year, she set off for Europe with director Liza Morberg and (Epic Split) truck driver Jens Karlsson.  The mission - to film a music video for her new song “Million Ways to Live”, specially written for life on the road. So far, the series has been a great success. 

“We have had more than 2.5 million views in over 50 countries, as well as media presence all around the world,” Mattsson tells the SCC. 

It is not the first time that Volvo Trucks makes use of innovative and breath-taking ways to launch a campaign. The day after the 2013 viral masterpiece Epic Split, part of the company’s Live Test Series and featuring Jean Claude Van Damme, was released, it was the most shared video on the internet. The thinking around Epic Split won Volvo Trucks worldwide acclaim and several Lions at Cannes.

Despite both Epic Split and Reality Road being examples of Volvo Trucks’ aim to communicate their products globally AND a clear indication of the company’s finger on the pulse when it comes to content marketing, Mattsson thinks they should be looked at separately as very different campaigns.

Reality Road has been a great way of showing the strengths of Volvo Trucks’ products and service offerings. Despite this, recording a music video AND a reality series in several European countries and over only nine days was a great challenge.

Looking at the innovative and entertaining content, it was worth it, however. The episodes, with names like “Vaulting in Verona”, “Wheels in Warsaw” and “Swiss Alps Spin Out”, naturally feature a lot of truck action.  In one of the episodes (aptly named “Truck Ballet in Berlin”) the Volvo truck is driven on two wheels.

The series has been a great success, reaching both truck enthusiasts and a more general public.

“It’s been rewarding to see the great global response we have received so far, “says Mattsson.

With the Epic Split campaign and Reality Road under their belt, it will be interesting to see what else we can expect from this innovative Swedish company in the future.

 ‘We will continue to communicate in new and innovative ways, utilising the new media landscape in the best possible way, creating relevant and engaging content”, says Mattsson to the SCC. 

To watch all the episodes of Reality Road, please click here


Photo Credit: Volvo Trucks

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