Apply for scholarships to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in London

31 October 2019

June 2020 to June 2021

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom is the ultimate platform for entrepreneurs and businesses within the Swedish-British business community, helping businesses establish, grow and develop. Founded in 1906 – by business and for business – we have represented, inspired and promoted our members, extended commercial relations between Sweden and the United Kingdom, and delivered first-class services and events for over a century. With more than 400 member companies, the Swedish Chamber is one of the most active foreign Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom and the largest Swedish Chamber outside of Sweden.

We are now proud to offer a number of exciting scholarships for talented and aspirational young students to spend a year within its passionate and ambitious team in London. The scholarships have been made possible through various generous grants and donations in Sweden. You can read all about the scholarships, requirements and opportunities here.

The Scholar
As a Scholar, you will be an important part of the team at the Chamber and contribute to the everyday operations of the entire organisation. The roles include both department-specific duties as well as supporting the wider team and its ambitions. Read more about the experiences of our previous Scholars below.

Please read more and follow the instructions for respective scholarship here. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with the Managing Director, Peter Sandberg at We welcome your application before 20 January 2020.

Previous Scholars

André Viktorsson, The Sten A. Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture Scholar 2018-2019
"Being a part of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK (SCC) has without a doubt been my greatest professional adventure. What made me thrive at the Chamber was the great combination of freedom and support where I gained great experience from taking lead on events and projects at the same time as I always felt supported by the Chamber team. What strikes me the most when looking back at the year at the SCC is all the people, businesses and places I have come to know in the UK. I would highly recommend the SCC to anyone who is looking to broaden their international network and gain invaluable business experience while working together with an incredibly ambitious team."

Linnéa Lindgren, Lund University Scholar 2018-2019
"Working a year at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK has really been an unforgettable journey. I’ve had the pleasure of working in a dynamic organisation, meeting people from all over the Swedish-British business community while working together with an amazing team. Already from day one, you are given a lot of responsibility to lead your own projects, come up with new and creative solutions as well as implementing your own ideas. One thing that I truly appreciated with working at the Chamber was the continuous aspiration to striving towards improving all the processes and services at hand. I would recommend anyone who is interested in growing both professionally and personally to apply for either an internship or a scholarship at the Chamber. It is really a fantastic way to kick start your international career."

Nathalie Thiel, Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad Scholar 2018-2019
"I only have positive things to share about my year at the Chamber. I especially enjoyed the responsibilities that came with the Scholar role, that I was encouraged to take initiatives early on, to lead my own projects and to come up with new solutions or approaches. You become a tight-knit team at the office, which is great as you always have someone to explore London with. Over the course of the year I have gained a valuable network of business professionals in the Swedish-British community in the UK. I feel incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity at the Chamber, and I see it as a perfect stepping stone towards launching an international career."

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