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4 February 2020

The SCC is currently looking to welcome four new interns for the autumn of 2020. This is a great opportunity for young, ambitious individuals to earn international experience and build a network in a vibrant business environment. 

Our interns form an important part of the team at the Chamber and contribute to the everyday operations of the entire organisation. Hear from some of our previous interns what their internships have meant for their personal and professional development. 

Erica Möller, Marketing and Communications Intern, Autumn 2019
"Holding an internship position at the Chamber is a perfect first step of your international career. During my time at the Chamber, I learned how to understand the British business culture, but also the importance of building strong Swedish-British business relationships. Also, you will get the invaluable opportunity to strengthen your network and gain both work- and life related lessons. I am forever grateful for my six months at the Chamber."


Aleksandar Trkulja, Events and Programmes Intern, Autumn 2019
“My time at the Swedish Chamber gave me work experience to remember. The fact that I got to be involved in the activities of this very honourable organisation, gave me valuable experience from an international environment. I had the pleasure to meet inspiring people and develop my network, learn about organisations and companies of competence and passion, and develop my understanding of the international business relations of Sweden and the UK, like no school book ever could have done.”


Lovisa Lindkvist, Members and Community Intern, Spring 2019
"During my internship I developed skills in how to act and communicate in international business settings. I learned to recognise that organisations within the same network can be very diverse and have different needs and reasons for being a part of the network. I also learned to understand differences and similarities in Swedish and British business culture. I have learned the importance of building strong and beneficial relationships with other people and that business is just as much about connecting with people as it is about numbers and solving mathematical formulas.”


Sofia Rosenblad, Events and Programmes Intern, Spring 2019
"As an intern at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce you are immediately involved in the business, get to take responsibility and do meaningful tasks as a natural member of the team. You are continuously challenged, expected to deliver and get to meet interesting people and work with fantastic colleagues. My time at the Chamber was an invaluable experience, I grew as a person and also had a lot of fun."


Erik Helldén, Marketing and Communications Intern, Spring 2019
"Interning at the Chamber was one of the most memorable experiences that I have ever had. Not only did I develop skills vital to succeed in a professional setting, learn the ins and outs of international business and extend my network, but I also learned to truly appreciate the excitement of working closely with an amazing team to achieve a common goal. It did not hurt that it was in London - the vibrant world center of business.


Clara Bergström, Events and Programmes Intern, Autumn 2018
"Being an intern at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic opportunity to get exposed to an international environment and to meet, interact, and understand how Swedish companies operate in the UK. You are given relevant and fun tasks and are constantly challenged while working with a great team. My internship at the SCC was an enriching experience that I will never forget."


Amelie Karlsson, Marketing and Communications Intern, Autumn 2017 
"I had the great opportunity to hold an internship position at the Department of Marketing and Communications of SCC, right after graduating from university. Looking back at it, it was a perfect transition in between studying and employing a full-time job. Ever since my first visit at SCC, I have been interested in the work they do for business between the UK and Sweden. As an intern, you have an essential role in this from day one. You will strengthen your network immensely and get a thorough experience from working abroad, which I considered very valuable."      


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