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11 October 2016

Gustav Olsson

Fresh winds of renewal are blowing in Sweden House on 5 Upper Montagu Street, Marylebone. As a part of celebrating its 110th Jubilee, the Chamber has recently moved into a fresh and totally refurbished office, after a complete transformation by reconstruction company Skansen and a new interior design by Member company Kinnarps.

“The Swedish Chamber of Commerce needed a space designed to reflect Scandinavian values, which include simplicity and functionality, and the furniture provided is designed with Scandinavian values at the heart,” Daniel Blackwell, the designer at Kinnarps, who has been planning the interior design, tells The LINK.

Freshening up the property inside and out has been a long and extensive project in collaboration with SCC Members as well as other companies. In July, the Chamber part of the project was completed and the Secretariat is now reaping the benefits of the refurbishment.

The new office offers an open and spacious landscape, ideal for interacting and collaborating between the different departments.

“The main office landscape was designed to be a calm and simple working environment, with an alternative meeting space providing energy and creativity when workers gather together,” Blackwell says.

Contributing to the Scandinavian feeling are the birch details together with the allwhite surroundings. Touches of vibrant colours, chrome details and leather invites energy to the atmosphere.

“One beautiful aspect of Scandinavia is its incredible landscape - a vast and exciting area to be outdoors. The meeting room was therefore designed to resemble an informal camp-fire atmosphere,” Blackwell tells the LINK.

Also, the new office boasts a new and modern conference room, specified with bespoke integrated high-end technology from AudicomPendax. This simplifies meetings, both face-to-face and virtual, letting Secretariat staff focus on the Chamber’s actual mission. Furthermore, Fidelity Group have installed the new rapid Fibre Internet connection as well as setting up the new IT equipment.

The Chamber would like to thank all involved companies for making this possible. We are convinced that this new modern, ergonomic and inspiring work environment facilitates the Chamber’s daily work and we look forward to work in our new office, to further improve and strengthen the Anglo-Swedish trade ties and give great service to the business community.

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