Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce


The Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce (YP) is one of London’s oldest social and business networking organisations of its kind. As a sub-organisation of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the YP has become a well-known social organisation for young professionals with an interest in Anglo-Swedish society. It is a dynamic and inclusive organisation with a varied agenda aimed at meeting the Members’ interests. Currently, the YP boasts around 300 Members aged from 25 to 35 years.


The YP meets its objectives by organising a wide range of business, social and cultural events such as:


Crayfish Party
Christmas Dinner
The Spring Party
Midsummer Celebrations
 Entrepreneurship Forum
 Management Forum
 Company Visits
  Cocktail Clubs
   After Works
    Pub Quiz



As a YP Member you get access to The YP Events, The YP Services, a free subscription to The LINK Magazine and the possibility to apply to The SCC Mentorship Programme



The Young Professionals is run by the Investor-, Anders Wall-, Lund University-, and Stena Line Scholars at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK. The Scholars manage the Young Professionals and oversee the day-to-day work of the organisation. The scholars are supported by the YP Committee, which includes seven members of the YP who actively seek to support and develop the organisation.


Contact Young Professionals

Contact Young Professionals


Name: Sofia Wulfert
Company: Bloomberg L.P.
YP Committee Role: Chairman

Name: Nicklas Danko
Company: Zenith Aviation
YP Committee Role: Vice-chairman

Name: Viktoria Skara
Company: Apple
YP Committee Role: Member

Name: Tove Rådelius
Company: PwC
YP Committee Role: Member

Name: Annabelle Stewart
Company: Barclay's
YP Committee Role: Member

Name: Sandra Eriksson
Company: Deloitte LLP
YP Committee Role: Member

Name: William Ranby
Company: Accenture
YP Committee Role: Member


Veronica Hörnby Liljeblad
Investor Scholar 2017/2018

Julia Borrebaeck
Lund University London Scholar 2017/2018

Amanda Hultman
Stena Line Scholar 2017/2018