Sr Customs Process Expert
KGH Customs Services

KGH Customs Services is seeking to employ a Sr Customs Process Expert to its offices in Manchester.

The Sr Customs Process Administrator (CPA) is responsible within a team to coordinate and organise the full range of customs services, starting with order acceptance, registering the order, collecting all relevant documents until the release of goods and customs clearance.

CPA will receive extensive internal and external training as well as an online training for customs legislation and foreign trade, as well as daily support.


Reporting to Operations Manager

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • order acceptance
  • check and management of every relevant customs and foreign trade document
  • data administration and validation
  • tariff classification
  • registration of customs declarations in different procedures (simplified and standard)
  • communication with customs authorities HMRC and forwarding of necessary documents
  • forwarding of customs release messages
  • securing the correct invoicing of the performed orders
  • archiving of relevant documents
  • management of relevant import, export, transit documents
  • coordination of the customs clearance process
  • active team member for technical questions
  • suggest and participate in projects and implementations of services for new customers
  • contributing in internal education and assist in preparation of process descriptions

General responsibilities

  • Work in accordance with company policies and guidelines
  • Be honest and loyal to the company
  • Perform tasks/work in accordance with established procedures
  • Observe confidentiality regarding information about the company and our customers
  • Pay particular attention to current regulations for information security as described in the "Information Instructions for users". To be read, understood and signed by all employees
  • Treat colleagues, partners and customers with the utmost respect
  • Take note of all information provided by management and other agencies to carry out your work in the best way
  • Participate in meetings
  • Keep inventory and machinery correctly


  • Minimum 5 years’ experience of customs matters (import in different procedures, simplified declaration procedure, special procedures, inward and outward processing, customs warehouse, end use, temporary admission, export, transit)
  • good knowledge of tariff classification
  • good knowledge of Customs tariff application (EZT/ TARIC)
  • basic knowledge of customs legislation
  • basic knowledge for handling veterinary rules
  • conscientious and sensible contact with customers
  • good IT knowledge (customs broker software/ Office as Excel, Word and Power Point)
  • good level of self-organization
  • ability to work proactively and structured with focus on reaching set business goals
  • good communication skills and good standard of spoken and written English

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