Welcome to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organisation explicitly dedicated to its Members. Our mission is to inspire, promote, and extend the commercial and industrial relations between individuals and companies in Sweden and the United Kingdom. Founded in 1906, the Chamber is one of the largest and most active foreign Chambers in the UK. Join the Anglo-Swedish community today.

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Lost in translation? You’re not alone. With Cyber, Infosec, Information Governance and Data Governance, Big Data and Information Assurance, it’s easy to get lost in the terminology the industry and media use to describe something actually quite simpl…
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Innovation in business has merged people, process and technology in today’s workplace. We store, process and share more information than ever before. …
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Stress, the way you feel when you’re under abnormal pressure for a prolonged time, is for many people a normal part of our everyday life. Today, livin…
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Paralegal | Davis & Co | 08 Oct 2015
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London Front of House – full time/permanent | Kinnarps | 01 Oct 2015
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