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The Annual Crayfish Party
The crayfish season is one of the most popular cultural celebrations in Sweden and promises comical paper hats, lanterns (depicting the Man in the Moon), great food and traditional drinking songs (snapsvisor). This is the perfect opportunity to bring clients, colleagues and friends along to a typically Swedish event.
The SCC is a great organisation for promoting Anglo-Swedish relationships and interests. The people working for the Chamber are very energetic and entrepreneurial which I think are the characteristics of Swedes in the UK. - Johan Aurén, Aurén & Co Ltd

Welcome to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom!

The Chamber was founded in 1906 and is a not for profit membership organisation aimed at promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences, networking and trade between Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Today, the Chamber is one of the largest foreign Chambers in the UK and the most active, hosting seventy events per year. Welcome to explore the Anglo-Swedish business network.

  • Swedish Sci-fi robot drama a global success | 2014-07-23
    “Real Humans”, the Swedish show about a world shared by robots and humans, has become an international success. The Sci-fi drama is today one of the most popular shows in Sweden and is now set to be the next big export.
  • British International School of Stockholm expands | 2014-07-22
    This autumn, the British International School of Stockholm will expand its educational services. In August, the school will start accepting students up to 13 years of age.
  • The Wiki way to absolute democracy | 2014-07-18
    The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia is mostly known as an easy way to access information. To the Swede Sverker Johansson, however, it is a means to enable absolute democracy online.
  • Ambiancé - the world’s longest film | 2014-07-17
    Swedish film maker, Anders Weberg, hopes to break the world record by making the longest film in history. Interested audience members have now been given a chance to catch a glimpse of the movie entitled Ambiancé, as Weberg released a 72 minute teaser trailer for his planned 720 hour long movie.
  • Swedish Open 2014 in Båstad | 2014-07-15
    The men’s winners have been crowned, and the women’s matches have just commenced. The Swedish Open in Båstad, with two back to back weeks of tennis, is in full play. So far the tournament has been filled with excitement, at least for Swedish Johan Brunström who claimed the doubles title on Sunday.
  • Swedish institution invents cancer detection system | 2014-07-11
    The Swedish institution SciBase AB has invented a new method to detect skin cancer. The system, called Nevisense, was in June validated by the British Journal of Dermatology to identify malignant melanoma with a certainty of 97-100 %.
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