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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organisation explicitly dedicated to its Members. Our mission is to inspire, promote, and extend the commercial and industrial relations between individuals and companies in Sweden and the United Kingdom. Founded in 1906, the Chamber is one of the largest and most active foreign Chambers in the UK. Join the Anglo-Swedish community today.

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On the Referendum result
Dear Members, This morning we woke up to a UK that has voted to leave the European Union. We were hoping until the last minute that the result would be different but the British people have cast their vote and this is what they have chosen. How this…
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Sweden has been established as the ‘goodest’ country on earth, relative to the size of its economy. The country has taken pole position in the Good Co…
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In today’s world, one’s personal brand often seem more important than it ever has before. We post what we eat on Instagram, we show our colleagues who…
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Customer Success Director | Hansoft | 22 Jun 2016
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Urgent Position: Relationship Manager | Financial Services Events Company (via ALC Executives) | 24 May 2016
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